Candidate Testimonials


Rebecca Stevens Adaptive, candidate-resources

I love working with Rebecca, she knows really well what potential candidates may be looking for in a job and really sees to it that the fit between the company and the candidate is great for everyone. Also she is just a lovely person in general, so I always enjoy being in touch with her.

I can highly recommend working with Rebecca. It's one thing to match the profile of a potential candidate with the corresponding job description, but it's much more difficult to see the fit on an interpersonal level! Rebecca is one of those recruiters who is not only able to look at the appearance, but also to analyse the people involved, their interests and the potentials that lie in a cooperation. This quality is completed by her consistently positive manner, her commitment to the candidates and the excellent support throughout the entire application process. Any candidate contacted by Rebecca should give the presented opportunity a serious chance - great things can come out of it. Once again, a big thank you for the opportunity you have given me.

Working with Hollie has been a great experience. I was lucky Hollie reached out to me offering a number of highly interesting job opportunities. Being a sceptical person, I had a lot of questions at the beginning. Hollie took the time and patience to answer all of them. Furthermore, she always respected my opinion and kept my motivation up throughout the entire process. I am very thankful for all her help and looking forward to working with her in the future.

Rebecca went out of her way to make the recruiting process as pleasant and efficient as possible. She was always supportive, provided all the info needed and reliably organized the entire process. A great experience that I would gladly take again anytime!

Working with you, Rebecca, can only become a success story for everybody. You don’t see your engagement as simply passing on job offers at will but look very specifically at what an employer needs and what a potential employee can give. It is not only about the professional component, but also about the extent to which the job and the place of work fit the personal and private situation of a candidate. In this way, you are interested in a sustainable relationship from which both sides benefit and are satisfied for a long time. It has been great working with you, Rebecca. Hope, we stay in touch (not for a new job, as here Im fine now - thanks to you :)).

Rebecca found me via LinkedIn and the result was my new job position! She did it so well by putting me and my employer in touch. She was super attentive and concerned with me during the entire process ensuring I felt calm and comfortable. I can only recommend Rebecca to anyone who is looking for a new opportunity. She is great! Thank you Rebecca :)

Hollie is an incredible talented recruiter, who is genuinely kind and caring. From the initial process and during the interviews we had a great dialogue in which Hollie asked me the right questions and helped me boost my confidence. Hollie followed up with me frequently and kept me updated on the process, ensuring that everything went smoothly, and helped me land me my dream job abroad! Overall, it is by far the most pleasant recruitment process that I have been part of, and anyone whom gets in contact with Hollie is absolutely lucky!

It’s my pleasure to recommend Rebecca as I was one of her candidates. Her communication skills are outstanding, she is also very professional, friendly, and always available to lend a hand when necessary. Rebecca follows the recruitment process very closely between the candidates and the employers and she plays a significant role in this process. Additionally, she gives attention to the details and she has a numerous connections that can always put you on the right track.

Working with Rebecca is great! As changing jobs can be stressful, Rebecca finds a way to make it as pleasant as possible. She respects your decisions and gives helpful advice if it is needed while always watching out for ones interests.

Rebecca is the rare recruiter who can make the recruiting and hiring process as pleasant as possible. She was a delight to work with and I'm still stunned at the turn around time from initial contact to signed contract. She provided insight into the company during interview preparations that made all the difference in establishing a positive relationship early on, and was there whenever I needed an update. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Hollie is an amazing recruiter who I’ve had the pleasure of working with, from the initial call all the way through securing a position and even beyond, she maintained regular contact and worked alongside my busy schedule to ensure that I am always up to date with the information that matters. A high calibre professional in the recruitment world that I would not hesitate in recommending to others.

Rebecca was the first headhunter I worked with. In the beginning, I was very sceptical, but after our first phone call every doubt was gone. She explained the offered job in detail and gave room for questions. With her kind and friendly personality, she created a comforting atmosphere. The same was true for every following phone call. She gave great support, whether it was discussing the pros and cons of the offered position or helping me preparing for the job interviews. Whenever I needed information or had questions, I could contact her and she answered immediately. Rebecca fought for me and I got the job, so I owe the job to her.

Rebecca was always available for professional advice and tangible support throughout the whole recruitment process. I met Rebecca when she was recruiting for a position in Regulatory Affairs and worked with her for about half a year. Through the whole application process I felt in good hands and was quite impressed by her effort in making sure the position was tailor-cut to my interests and professional knowledge. Rebecca has regularly checked in with me to see if any new questions have come up and has provided sensible advice for the interviews. Personally, I can recommend her to anyone looking for professional development and wish her all the best for her own career!

Working with Rebecca has always been highly efficient and pleasant, not just from a professional point of view, but personally as well. With an excellent understanding of people and personalities, she has consistently provided me with the best possible support and has also pointed out possibilities to me that I was not aware of beforehand. I hope to continue working with her for a long time to come.

One of the most devoted head hunter I have ever encountered. She has supported me from the first interview and continues to provide support after starting my job. Rebecca has promoted all my strengths and has always been very positive and energetic. Many thanks Rebecca :)

It was a great time and a nice experience for me working together with Rebecca, she is a very positive person who cares about the details and understands the needs of both companies and employees which makes her a great connector. She made sure I am happy with my choice and supported me during my application process all along. She gained my trust with thorough work and transparent communication and understands perfectly what she does.

Rebecca helped me finding the perfect role for my career progression. She is a very skilled professional and moreover a very good person: always positive, kind, empathetic. She is that kind of recruiter that prioritizes people over results, and thanks to this approach she gets the best results. I will be always grateful to her. 

Rebecca is a phenomenal recruiter. She found me my perfect role and made the whole transition process to the new role seamless. Rebecca is an attentive listener and did her best to answer all my questions as well as gave me tips to ensure I did my best throughout the interview process.