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2020 was our Clinical Team’s busiest year, for obvious reasons.

Our consultants work with both start-ups and established global businesses to ensure their talent pools are full of experienced candidates ensuring no delay to the clinical development, or testing phases of their products lifecycle.

Be it working with some of the world’s largest CROs and Bio-Pharmaceutical companies helping them to staff international clinical trials across Phases I to IV, or working with the clinical teams within the Pharmaceutical sector to ensure all clinically developed drugs make it to market – our team have the network of clients to provide you with opportunities for your next permanent or freelance position.

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    Clinical Trials

    • Whether phase I or phase IV of a clinical trial, at early planning stage or putting together a PMS team as products enters the market.

    • Either way our experienced consultants use their networks built up over an extended period within the industry to deliver opportunities (permanent & freelancers) on some of the most scientifically advanced Clinical trials operating in the world.

    • If you want to accelerate your experiences then reach out to the team to discuss where we have clients in need.

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    Clinical Evaluation

    • Can you put a CER together to order?

    • Comfortable working on more than one at a time?

    • Does the research element of the position of the role excite you?

    • Does your current role allow you to do all of this from your home office?

    • How CER’s are produced and where the work is done has been changing and that change has been accelerated this year.

    • Speak to a member of our team to hear what our clients are doing in this field today!

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    PMS and Post Market Clinical Follow-Up

    • Maybe its the Post Market Surveillance team that you have built your career within?

    • You enjoy analysing how a product has impacted the market, and finding where changes can be made for future iterations of the product.

    • Our teams work with some of the most innovative companies within healthcare so if its the release of a new drug or a robotic arm we will have clients with products to excite you in your world of PMS

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    • Frustrated at working on the same product day after day, year after year?

    • Then Clinical Research Organisations (CRO's) can offer you that variety.

    • Many young start-ups have very innovative exciting young ideas, they often need to outsource the research element of the product lifecycle to a CRO to ensure no delays are met.

    • Working for a CRO can give you access to some of the most forward thinking products on the market, it gives you a variety of product and people you might not have  ordinarily.

    • Reach out to the team for an informal discussion about the CRO world.