Product Sales

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Product Sales

The product has been designed and developed and has been given regulatory approval, you as an organisation have ticked all the boxes…now to sell! Whether selling a new drug or an established medical device we can help you by providing strategic professionals to create your new network or established sales stars that are ready for their next challenge with the latest and greatest product on the market.

We specialise in finding professionals both on a permanent basis and also those who can operate under pressure as an interim consultant for a set period of time. We tailor the search within our network to source the right candidate with the specific experience and skill sets that our clients require to ensure sales targets are not only met but exceeded.

We work across the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Biotech sectors, allowing our clients to complete their projects in the knowledge that they have strong sales teams in place to take the products to market and deliver profit for the organisation.

Roles recruited for:

  • Field Sales Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Head of Global Sales

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    Field Sales Manager

    You are the heartbeat of the Sales function and an expert in your area be it the therapeutic area your pharmaceutical product offers or the different class of medical device that you are pitching to a distributor, medical facility or Doctor.

    You will have built up a strong network across the region you are responsible for but your love of being in the field and being in control of your commission cheque means you haven’t made that step up to managing a team.

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    Regional Sales Manager

    As a Regional Sales Manager (RSM) you will manage the sales process within an assigned territory for prospective customers and channel partners for your given Pharmaceutical product or Medical Device. You will have a track record of delivering growth in new business across the assigned territory through the development of strategic relationships with large enterprise accounts.

    You will be experienced building and executing well-defined account plans and drive success in the following areas: territory planning, pipeline development, presentation and delivery, trial process management, pricing, negotiation and the closing process.

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    Product Manager

    As a Product Manager you will be experienced in partnering with Sales teams to support, influence and execute joint commercial initiatives across a given region.

    You will be the first point of call for all questions about the Product from the Sales teams based in your region and you will have an active network of health professionals that you meet with regularly to establish credibility and trust in your products. Experience launching products as well as phasing out old products.

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    Head of Global Sales

    You will have put in the hard yards working your way up the Sales ladder and are now relishing the opportunity to be accountable for a global sales target.

    You will be an expert in your field of Pharmaceuticals or Medical Device but also hold high level relationships with customers on a global scale. Experienced in knowing how to add value to contracts, you are able to converse with members of your Sales teams and at board level leaving them all with the confidence that targets will be hit.