Regulatory Affairs

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We focus on candidates whose credentials mark them as top-tier regulatory affairs experts 

Regulatory Affairs professionals often hold the key to the success of a company. The speed at which they work and the understanding they have of a geographical area’s regulations can be the difference between hitting deadlines and making profit or missing release dates and a drop in a company’s share price.

We specialise in finding professionals both on a permanent basis and also those who can operate under pressure as an interim consultant for a set period of time. We tailor the search within our network to source the right candidate with the specific experience and skill sets that our clients require to ensure compliance with the latest regulations.

We work across the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Biotech sectors, allowing our clients to complete their projects safely in the knowledge that the correct regulations are adhered to ensuring a safe passage for their product from initial R&D phase right through to the release phase and beyond.

Roles recruited for:

  • Regulatory Affairs Officer
  • Senior Regulatory Affairs Officer
  • Regulatory Affairs Implementation Manager
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • Head of Regulatory Affairs
  • Director of Regulatory Affairs (National & Global)

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    Regulatory Affairs Manager

    As an RA Manager you will be a hands-on expert within your field and how the regulations affect the development and sales of your product be in a Pharmaceutical drug or a Medical Device.

    You may have team leadership responsibilities as well as the task of forming long lasting relationships with representatives from regulatory authorities.

    You will be working with one eye on the Quality department, linking and advising them when needed as well as working with the R&D departments to allow them to understand what can be attempted and what simply won’t get through the regulations.

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    Implementation Manager

    Often an interim/contracting position, we are seeing more and more positions on the market for experienced individuals with for example extensive experience of the new MDR’s coming into a business to perform gap analysis and implement systems and procedures to ensure total compliance from May 2020.

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    Regulatory Affairs Officer

    As a RA Officer you may be tasked with co-ordinating, preparing, submitting and following up registration applications that have been allocated to you to the relevant authorities.

    This could well be your first position within industry following your extensive studies, and exposure to international work will depend on the company you are working for.

    You will be experienced in preparing and submitting EU market technical files as well as meeting the various needs of the FDA in the USA.

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    Head of Regulatory Affairs

    A seasoned professional you will be experienced in leading and managing a country team in developing regulatory strategies for registering new products and extending current product lines.

    You will be skilled in understanding the different legal requirements for the different geographic areas you are responsible. Experienced in leading large teams you may be sat at board level within a large global organisation or getting your hands dirty with regulatory paperwork within a start-up environment.

Regulatory Affairs Jobs