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Medical Sales

Adaptive Tech are another of the successful brands operating under the Adaptive Business Groups umbrella and their success in placing high performing Sales professionals into high growth Tech start-ups has transferred into our Life Science division.

Here, our experienced consultants take your Sales experience and relate to the right Healthcare business to best maximise your experience and your existing network to ensure you have the best chancers of going above and beyond your targets.

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    Medical Devices

    • Medical Device sales can be a hugely rewarding and hugely lucrative career.

    • Your work introducing Medical professionals to the latest in imaging machines, non-invasive surgical equipment, dialysis machines or even respirators is crucial to ensure patients have access to the best medical devices.

    • If you have a track record in Medical Device sales or believe your work in the industry would translate well to sales then contact our team as our clients will always be willing to speak to overachieving sales candidates - call us today!

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    Digital Health Therapeutics

    • A strong healthcare background and understanding is crucial when selling DTx offerings.

    • Marketing plays a huge part when selling to the user direct but the real revenues are selling the DTx solutions to big business to roll out to their staff, to the insurance firms to offer as part of their package and importantly direct to the Doctor's, Nurses and GP's that can help prescribe the solution to their individual patients.

    • Our team of consultants working within the Digital Health space are always keen to hear from sales professionals in this space looking to make a move.

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    Medical SaaS Sales

    • As technology finds more and more of its grounding within our evolving Healthcare services, SaaS solutions with recurring licences and revenue in areas such as Telemedicine and Electronic Patient Records systems is a great stepping stone for those from outside Healthcare who want to transfer their experience from Tech Sales to Healthcare.

    • If you are unfulfilled selling tech to the banks and want to make a difference then reach out to us here at Adaptive Life Science.

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    Pharma/Drug Sales

    • The gold star of Medical Sales - pharma!

    • For years the Pharmaceutical Drug industry has relied on a booming sales industry.

    • Long term relationship building, expert technical and industry understanding, and an eye for a deal are all key elements that our clients look for, but with many of our clients being younger start-ups whose drug has just passed the regulatory tests they also look for sales candidates who are passionate about their product, who will go above and beyond what is required to get the new product out to patients that need it most.

    • If its innovative products you want to work with then we have the clients for you!