04. 01. 2023

Thinking about a change?

Being happy at your workplace is crucial for your mental health. It not only impacts your happiness, but also your overall performance. So, how do you know that it is time to move on and find a new job?


Signs that show you could be ready for a career change:

  • You are being overworked – You need a work/life balance, not being able to switch off can be dangerous and could result in constant stress and issues with sleeping.

  • Not being listened to – You do not feel like you are recognized, your ideas are often shut down and overlooked. This can easily demotivate anyone and as result make us stop caring! Your opinion matters and you should be encouraged to share your thoughts.

  • You have lost the satisfaction of what you do – Work has become a chore and when you arrive back home, you are feeling unfulfilled.

  • Your salary is not increasing – You feel like you are being given many new tasks and the salary does not match the work involved. Talks about a pay rise are being ignored.

  • You are not developing any more – No potential to grow within the company, learn anything new or to have additional responsibilities.

  • Toxic manager/environment – You dread going to work and feel stressed whenever you are there. The atmosphere at work is very important and plays a big role in how you perform and feel at your workplace.

Every job can have its ups and downs. There will be obstacles you need to overcome to become better at what you do; however, it should also be filled with many fun moments and reasons that make you enjoy going to work! If it is not making you happy anymore, you feel like it has nothing else to offer and it is affecting your health and personal life then perhaps it is time to think about the change. 

 It is never easy to make this decision, but life is too short to settle for less than you deserve!