12. 06. 2024

Medical Device Sales & Job Opportunities

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What is a Medical Device?

A medical device is a piece of equipment designed to improve human health, and is a massive industry globally, is expected to reach €133.70bn in 2024 (Statista). Large manufacturers include Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, Cardinal Health, and Baxter. Examples of medical devices include pacemakers, 3D scanners, contact lenses, dialysis machines, and some even health apps. The technology is important because it allows for treatments that are impossible with pharmaceuticals alone. For example, syringes are used to inject weakened toxins (vaccinations) into patients, and help to build immunity.


What does a Medical Device Sales Role Involve?

As a medical device sales representative, you are tasked with selling the devices, produced by manufacturers, to healthcare providers, hospitals, and clinics. Sales representatives highlight the use and key benefits of their devices to encourage doctors, and healthcare professionals to purchase the medical devices.


What are the benefits of working in Medical Device Sales?

The industry is thriving, with the European market having grown by over €26 billion since 2016! (Statista)


Be a part of endless regular innovation as more medical devices are released across globe. In 2023, Over 124 new medical devices were approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The industry is having a profound impact on battling health issues, and you can be a part of the solution.


Being a modern industry, many of the medical device employers utilise a modern approach to working, which means the options for remote-working, and flexible scheduling.


Extra incentives /rewards may include access to private healthcare, commission, vehicle allowance, as well as opportunities to travel.


Medical Devices Sales Representative Skills Profile

Communication - You have excellent communication skills, helping others to understand, and connect on a personal level.


Knowledge- You are confident in your knowledge of the medical device industry, with broad, and detailed knowledge.


Determined – Selling medical devices can take time, and be highly competitive, it is essential that you are committed, and determined.


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