2020 saw the launch of our Biometrics division due to an increase in demand from our clients who were in need of Biostatistical resources, as well as an increase need for Clinical Data Managers both from a permanent and Freelance perspective.

Our understanding not just of what our clients need but at what stage in their process they need them means we are able to present you with opportunities that are relevant to your skillset and are importantly needed right now!

Get in touch with the team if you are looking now or indeed if you plan to look in the future.


  • Big Pharma Drug Development Companies, Global CRO's, Innovative BioTech Start-ups or Public Sector Health Bodies - we have the contacts and the clients that will suit your personality and your ambitions.
  • Biostatistician's are needed throughout all phases of development so whether conception, design, conduct, analysis, or reporting.
  • We will find the project that will suit your needs be it a career move for the next 10 years or a freelance opportunity for the next 10 months.


  • Making sure the right Clinical Data is collected during a Clinical Trial and importantly that the data collected is accurate is one of the main roles a Clinical Data Manager would find themselves doing.
  • There has never been another time in history where clinical data is being more heavily scrutinised so if you would like to hear about the most rewarding Clinical projects ongoing at the moment then please do reach out to us here at Adaptive.

SAS Programmers

  • The bridging link between raw data and the analysis, SAS programmers are in need across the globe as companies ensure their Clinical Trial data is not wasted or worse misinterpreted.
  • With the changes we have seen in working culture we have more and more clients that don't require you to be sat in the office with them.
  • Opportunities for home working anywhere on the planet and access to some of the most exciting research within the sector are here for you if you are looking to make a change.

Data Science

  • For our consultants here at Adaptive, Data Science isn't Rocket Science.
  • They understand the different verticals within this area and they understand how and where in a protect lifecycle a Data Scientist would sit.
  • They also know this data for the Machine Learning teams, the Business Intelligence teams, the Big Data and A.I. teams.
  • Our Data Science focussed consultants are some of our most knowledgeable so Healthcare data and its usage excites you this is the team to call!


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