Digital Health

The Digital Heath Sector is one of the fastest growing sectors within Healthcare, if not the fastest, and the global pandemic has only helped accelerate it. It forms a stepping stone from the Tech world into Healthcare with many of the young innovative CEO's coming from Tech/SaaS space.

Maybe you are in that Tech space and see it as a way into Healthcare, maybe you have worked for one of the big traditional Healthcare companies and your curious as to the noise coming from the Digital disruptors or maybe you just see the huge benefits in digitalizing our Healthcare.

Either way our team will be able to guide you into this exciting new area.

Digital Therapeutics

  • Digital Therapeutics (DTx) deliver evidence-based therapeutic interventions to patients that are driven by high quality software programs to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease.
  • Here at Adaptive we work with some of the world's leading DTx start-ups such as Kaia Health and Oviva who through their mobile app products are changing Healthcare forever.
  • If ensuring instant access to treatment is important to you then this area may well be somewhere you can thrive.
  • Due to our experience in this area we can guide you on which ideas have a track record of success and which start-ups will still be hunting for funding in the years to come. Reach out to hear more about our clients in this space.


  • The Covid-19 Pandemic changed many ways of how we live our lives and no more so than how we visit our GP.
  • Telemedicine connects doctors to patients, patients to specialists and not just in the same Hospital but worldwide opening doors to the very best treatment regardless of where you live.
  • These communication SaaS platforms offer the perfect stepping stone for Technology enthusiasts looking to work directly within Healthcare.
  • Just a video call isn't enough though right?
  • Speak to one of our consultants to hear about start-ups that are adding to the communication provision of their tools with innovative patient records systems, diagnostic tools and base level tracking feeding directly into treatment protocols designed with the help of A.I....sound interesting?


  • Artificial Intelligence has been around for a while, but the idea of how we use the data it produces has really accelerated within the Diagnostic sector of Healthcare over the past 2 years.
  • We have imaging clients whose products not only diagnose more accurately but recommend treatment plans best suited to that diagnosis based on millions of examples of data points matching that medical diagnostic image - so powerful!
  • Home testing diagnostic kits, early cancer detection products, cardiac and respiratory the list goes on.
  • Our ability to diagnose quicker and clearer is improving and we work with big Pharma, CRO's and Digital Health Start-ups to increase accuracy and speed.
  • If this is an area your skills are suited to then reach out to the team.

Fitness & Well Being

  • With the introduction of more and more start-ups focussing on Health and Well Being there is always a role to make you happy regardless of how niche your niche is!
  • From Mental Health apps, to meditation, to interval training or nutrition advice all fall under the same Regulatory principles as a more traditional Medical Device.
  • Our consultants work with start-ups across the globe who either embraced the need to comply to Healthcare practices or now need to accelerate the adoption of those practices.
  • If you have a passion for Well Being then our collection of start-up clients will be interested in hearing about you.

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