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Product Management

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Product Management

Our team here at Adaptive Life Science understand the importance having a strong product management team in place.

We are constantly networking, speaking to and building relationships with the top Product Leaders, Product Owners/Manager, Scrum Masters & Agile Coaches, as well as UX/UI-Designers and other Product Experts. 

Our specialist focus in the MedTech sector means that all of our client and candidate relationships are with traditional medical devices and/or digital health products. 

We understand the importance of cultural fit and communication style for product teams, and take this into high consideration when matching professionals in this space with possible companies. 

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    Traditional Medical Devices

    • Adaptive’s highly experienced consultants have grown an extensive network of top professionals and medical device manufacturers.

    • We support product professionals with experience in all areas of the Medial Device space including Class I – III products, IVDs, Software, Invasive and Non-Invasive Devices, as well as Prosthetics and Implants.

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    Digital Health

    • The Digital Heath Sector is one of the fastest growing sectors within Healthcare, if not the fastest, and the global pandemic has only helped accelerate it. 

    • Whether it’s a DiGA, new product coming to market, device utilizing AI or VR, we know them all and the companies offering innovation and creative freedom. 

    • From VC backed start-ups to global players entering the digital health space, we have options to suit your style and product interests. 

    • For our clients in digital health, we’re in contact with professionals across the wide spectrum of product management, from technical (with a track record of managing product development and design, including the planning process) to UX/UI, product growth and owners responsible for an entire app.